The web has done a lot to bring shoppers better information about the vehicles they can lease or purchase, but it’s a drag to find. We created Dealership Locator as a way to increase dealer visibility, without bogging buyers down with ads or useless details.
It’s a free service for shoppers who want to know which brands are sold in their neighborhood without feeling pressured to fill out a form. For dealers, it’s an opportunity to gain more exposure on a platform that encourages direct contact with shoppers.
So who are we?

In-house Nerd

Louis Rodriguez

Louis has spent years working for marketing agencies. She’s developed everything from PPC campaigns to SEO strategies to building websites. She knew she wanted to be part of a company that did more than just push people to spend money; she wanted to make life easier for shoppers and small businesses. That’s why she jumped on the chance to work with Dennis to create Dealership Locator. It’s a win-win situation for dealerships and buyers, and pushes those pesky third-party ads out of the way.

The Car Guy

Dennis Clark

Dennis is well acquainted with the car business and online advertising. Having spent over ten years at a store, working internet leads, the showroom, and financing. He kept hearing the same complaints. It would take customers months to find the right vehicle, while managers found it difficult to reaching a wide audience without having to pay for third-party leads. That’s when he teamed up with Louis to create a new platform that helps shoppers and sales teams alike.