Does the color of your car is decreasing its resale value?

Colors bring joy and happiness or we can say brighten our life but it doesn’t work the same when it comes to cars. Choosing an apt color is required as it tends to affect the car resale value. No one likes the declining resale value of the car when you have paid dollars in purchasing the car.

Black or white? The most common colors, you can find one in every block in your neighborhood. The color you select plays an important part as it will affect the ownership and as well as resale value. Depreciation is the curse on the vehicle, no car-owner likes it but can’t do anything but at least by choosing an appropriate color can save you dollars at the time of re-selling of vehicle.

Everything which attracts your eye doesn’t generate the income

Colors like red, white and blue are a suitable match for the sports car and sedans. Sports cars drive fast and make thrilling noise while driving which perfectly describes the color choice red, blue is best in the segment. These colors have lesser depreciation as they are the most demanded model from the consumer.

White - 19.3%

Bright Red - 4.5%

Blue - 11.4%

The people who buy used cars in these colors retain huge benefits as they can get all the features they like and also they can get better share of bargaining.


Taste is what matters

No matter how much Gold costs but certainly it’s a big no when it comes to buying in the car, their depreciating value is more than any color. Other bright colors like yellow, orange and purple relatively lower down the value of the car in comparison to other colors that affects selling and trading of your vehicle.

Best Color Choice in Luxury

Silver is the utmost choice in luxury vehicles which increases the re-sell of the car in the market. Other colors like white, metallic silver, grey, black are counted as one of the premier colors in the luxury segment.

Silver - 32.1%

White Metallic - 17.7%

White - 11.8%

Med Blue 8.6%

Black - 8.5%

Dark Gray 7.2%

Red - 6%

Remember, your taste can save you a lot of money in the long haul. Always look for the subtle color and do your homework before buying the car else the salesperson regarding the same, he will guide you and fill you up with proper information.