How to maintain car resale value high?

Unlike real-estate, car value does not rise it decreases with the moment you have purchased it, the resale value has started declining. There are some ways that you can make the resale value high of the car at the time of trade-in.

Just follow these few steps which we are recommending that will surely help you in the long haul.

Car Servicing History

  • Servicing your car on a regular basis and also keeping track of the same.
  • Always carry all the documents it depicts the history of maintenance also acts as proof at the time of selling it to the seller.
car service


  • Mileage affects the value whether it’s higher or lower than the average mileage of the car.
  • Low mileage also affects the value of the car as this implies the car is simply not driven on a regular basis.

Repair the Damages

  • Before trading the vehicle make sure you all the damages have been repaired in a proper manner.

Make Parking priority

  • Look at the surroundings before you park the car and what you are parking next too.
  • Always make there is enough distance between two cars at the time of parking as there are cars who have long doors often give your car scratches.
  • Make it a priority to park the car in the shade or as well as in the garage.

Interior and Exterior

  • Interior and exterior of the car hold much value as it depicts the condition of the vehicle.
  • Regular washing and waxing of the car help in maintaining the good condition of the vehicle.
  • Always make sure there is no cosmetic damage that takes place in the car. If, yes then get it repaired at the earliest as it lowers down the price of the vehicle.

Avoid rash driving

  • Don’t rough and rash drive like a high school kid it may lead to various consequences
  • Rapid acceleration, sudden stops, hard turns and not parking properly leads to the emergence of various problems.
  • Rough driving cause’s excessive wear and tear and also give rise to craggy noises.

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